HanmiMicronics, a leading computer peripheral brand company, based in Korea will participate in the Global Sources consumer electronic exhibition, 2017 at Asia World Expo (AWE), Hong Kong from October 11 to 14. The Global Sources Consumer Electronics Exhibition, 2017 held at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, is a one of the biggest electronic exhibition consisting of over 3,700 exhibition booths with more than 100 countries and big major global companies will be participated.

Micronics, which will be participating in the second consecutive year, will open a larger exhibition booth at 7Q19, (Hall 7) and boasts various products such as power supply, PC case, speaker and cooling fan to attract global market.​







Micronics ‘G-Series’ Power Supply that RGB, LED Effects are added to its own design platform.

The Micronics G-Series is a proprietary power supply that attracts attention with its high-efficiency, low-temperature platform that combines the advantages of SR and diode rectification method.


Digital VRM designed top-tier power supply provides not only powerful and stable 12V output, but stylish performance by adding 16 million color of RGB LEDs. 80Plus EU silver certified energy efficiency, noiseless fan-less mode with a full modular type. In particular, the G-Series Full modular PSU have their own digital RGB control and fan control functions, offering new features for modders. The G-Series PSU will officially be released in the Q4.


The Micronics CASLON II Series PSU is a product that has accumulated the technical power of Micronics such as 80Plus bronze grade energy efficiency, patent new cooling method of 'after cooling’ and patent energy saving solution of 'Zero Watt'. Due to its high interest in overseas markets, it is being exported overseas first, and the local market is also expecting it to launch in 4Q. In addition, there are a variety of products including 'Astro GD Full Modular', 'Zero Power' with Zero Watt Technology, 'Cyclone III' and Micronics’s top selling PSU 'Classic II' series were introduced recently.​ 



Micronics Master Series Case M400

The Micronics’s Master M400 series is a product of the Octagon shaped concept designed by Micronics. It is designed to be differentiated from usual square shaped PC case. It has easy assembly and excellent expandability inside the outer shape and it is excellent in modding effect due to the vertically mountable graphic card.

There are two types of M400, mesh type that emphasize cooling effect and High-glossy type that emphasizes stylish design. The frontier H300, Frontier H350 and Frontier H100 products, which have received steady good responses in the local market, were also exhibited in the local market.

Micronics’s curved speaker (Round Studio BT-1000)

The round-shaped BT-1000, a curved speaker has introduced at Computex,2017 in Taiwan last May, was introduced again during HK Global Sources Show, 2017. Features a curved in a round shape, and a 1800R curvature design that stands out in harmony with a popular curved monitor. 5W + 5W high-quality stereo unit equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in battery can be carried with a variety of available. Future USB versions will be released along with various colors.

The patented dual impeller cooling fan 'Tempest' series developed by Micronics is a new concept that combines the straightness and diffusivity of the wind with two wing structures. It is a unique design with both cooling performance and quietness, will be released in mid-October in local market.






Micronics challenges to global market with its own technology.


Micronics have been continuously participating in overseas major exhibitions such as Computex, Taiwan and Global Sources Electronic Exhibition, Hong Kong and continues to knock on overseas export market. CEO of Micronics said that "We will continue to introduce our products not only to local market but overseas markets to become a leading company its field in the near future."