October 11, 2016 - Micronics will participate in Global Sources Electronics in Hong Kong. 




Global Sources Electronics Show, held in Hong Kong every April and October, is one of the world's largest electronics sourcing exhibition, with more than 100 participating countries and over 2,100 exhibit booths. The 2016 Global Sources Electronic Exhibition will be held from October 11 to 14 for five days.






Micronics has an exhibition booth at 7P13, 7th Floor of Asia World Expo, and will continue to attract overseas customers with various products following Computex, 2016.






◇ Introduction of New Power Supplies with Zero Wattage function and SFX lineup.​



Through this exhibition, new products will be also released. 'Zero Power with A-PFC', which has an active PFC circuit added to 'Zero Power' which realized 0W of standby power and which was first noticed and highlighted at Computex, 2016, is now a new product with higher energy efficiency and stability in addition to Micronics' patented after-cooling technology. It features 100~240V free-voltage input depending on the models, and features a standby power of 0W, and it will provide a wider selection of consumers' various applications together with existing ZERO power supply.





The SFX-L series will be introduced for the first time as a high-performance 80PLUS platinum and Gold certified product with rated output of up to 700W in SFX size.

The existing COMPACT SFX series is now capable of operating high-end PCs with rated output of 500W, 600W and 700W, which are greatly improved from current 350W, and able to provide wide selection of total 6 models by certifying 80PLUS platinum and Gold. 






In addition, hot selling 'Classic II Series', 'Caslon Series' and 'Performance II HV / EV / PV' will be also on display.




▲ (From left) Compact SFX-L Gold / Platinum, Zero Power with A-PFC, Zero Power Supply products.​





◇ Showcasing New Frontier M200, H100, Rookie Middle Tower Cases.



Frontier M200, new PC case with luxurious design with excellent functionality will highlight the booth and new Frontier H100 will be on display to attract the customers looking price to value product as a series of a family-look of the popular Frontier H300 series. The H100 could be very a good choice for internet café, thanks to its decent design and many good features.






The 'Rookie' mid-tower version, which has gained popularity among mini tower products, will be also unveiled for the first time. The Rookie Middle is an entry-level model that offers a luxurious design & affordable price and will be launched in November starting from Korea domestic market. The new Frontier L300 LP-type slim-line product will be also on display. 





▲ (From left) Frontier H100, L300,​ Rookie Middle PC case.





Moreover, the hot Freezer 120mm 15-LED and 4-LED system fans with outstanding LED effect will be displayed to attract many overseas clients.






Micronics has introduced many outstanding new power supplies with its own patented Zero Wattage and After Cooling technologies and PC cases with unique designs and features through this Computex 2016 and received attention from many overseas buyers. Micronics plans to keep expanding its business scope to overseas markets with excellent technologies and products thru this HK Global Sources Exhibition.
































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