Zero Wattage® Controller for PC Power Supply
  • High Performance, Low Power Controller
  • Operating Voltage
  • 2.7V ~ 5.5V
  • Industrial Temperature Range
  • 40℃ ~ +85℃
  • Programmable DC Fan Control by PWM
  • Temperature read by 10-bit ADC
  • Low Standby Power Consumption of PC power supply.
  • DC cooling Fan Control
  • After Cooling® Control
Pin Assignments

The HM-STB01 is a low-power CMOS controller for reducing standby power consumption.

It reads PC power supply signal and control standby power of PC power supply to reduce standby power consumption.

PWM generates reference voltage to control DC fan speed for cooling PC Power supply.

The package is available in a SOIC-14

Pin Description Swipe ↔
Name Pin# Type Description
VCC 1 Power Supply Supply Voltage input
SIG1 2 Input Signal Input(Option)
ADJ 3 Output +5VSB voltage control
NC 4 NC No Connection
SW1 5 Input Connect to Case Switch
PWM 6 Reference DC Fan control reference voltage generator
SW2 7 Output Connect to Main board Power Switch
AUX 8 Output No Connection
NC 9 NC No Connection
SIG2 10 Input Connect to PG SIG
TEMP 11 Input Temperature
I5SB 12 Input Current Input(Option)
STB-ON 13 Output Low Active Output
GND 14 GND The reference of internal control circuit

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