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Since its foundation in 1996, MICRONICS Co.,LTD. Has been a leader in its business field. We always try to be humble and prepares for future with insightful mind. And we also work hard to think outside the box and at the same time in the situation of clients. We run the company based on our business philosophy which puts paramount importance on making good on promises with clients by offering the best quality and follow-up services. In this rapidly changing 21st IT era, we will not be complacent with what we’ve achieved. Rather we, armed with creative mind and craftsmanship, are working as hard as we can in R&D area in order to more swiftly meet clients’ needs and develop better IT products. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all who have shown great support and love for our products. And we will always grow further with our clients. Thanks.
The following shows the steps Hanmi Micronics Co.,LTD. has taken. We will keep working hard and growing with our business philosophy of delivering on promises with our clients.
Released M200, M400 and H350 Case
Launched Dual-Bladed Cooling fan and patented.
Launched Variable-Bladed Cooling fan and patented
Released Performance II Power Supply series
Participated in COMPUTEX 2017
Released 34inch Gaming Curved AIO case
Released CoolMax Power Supply series
Participated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair, 2016
Released Zero Watt Power Supply series
Zero Wattage patent registered
Participated in COMPUTEX 2016
Released Frontier H300 Caseseries
Participated in KOREA PlayX4 2016
Released Frontier S300 Case series
LaunchedAfter Cooling Technology
After Cooling patent registered
Participated in Korea Electronics Show 2015
ReleasedCaslon series with After Cooling
Won ‘Excellence of IT brand, 2015’ award from ILOVEPC
Won ‘Excellence of All in One PC’ award fromDanawa, KOREA
Released Cyclone II SE Power Supply series.
Released Cyclone Power Supply series
Released Elena Case
Released Classic II Power Supply series
2012 Launched All In One (AIO) PC(SA215 series)
2011 Signed up MOU with Golfmetter INC
Won a Case Design of the Year’ award from AVING Global News Network
Released of Zephyr Case series
2009 Won ‘Power Supply of the Year’ award from Beta News, KOREA
Won ‘Best PCCase of the year’ and ‘Excellence Power Supply’ awards
Annual turnover of power supplies reached USD100,000
Released Korea’s best quality POWER WATCHER
2005 Renamed to HANMI MICRONICS INC. from HANMI I&C
2004 Released Paint Shop Pro 8.0 KoreanVer.
2003 Released the first Titanium power supply and Titanium case in Korea
2001 Released WebMate(Paint Shop Pro7 and NamoWebEditor5)
ReleasedPaint Shop Pro 7.0 KoreanVer.
Launched Micronics Barebone System
Acquiredexclusive distributor rights of AMAQUEST Workstation
Acquired exclusive distributor rights of the JASCSoftware
Released Paint Shop Pro 6.0 Korean Ver.
1998 Acquiredexclusive distributor rights of Micronics motherboard
1997 Renamed to HANMI I&C from HANMI INFORMATION and COMMUNICATIONS and its brand established in KOREA
Acquired exclusive distributor rights of HAYES Modem in KOREA
Factory view
This shows out factories in China which put first “Honesty, Safety and Eco-Friendliness.”
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