Micronics, HK Global Sources 2019 2019 MICRONICS INVITATION Booth No : Asia World-Expo (Hall.8 / C02)  
When: Oct 11 - 14, 2019
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Perfect Power Supply Zero Power Zero Wattage & After Cooling. A combination between the world first Zero Wattage technology of MICRONICS and After Cooling technology, a backup power cooling, have given birth to a new and innovative power supply. It easily operates computers of high specification equipped with the 6th generation Inter Skylake and newest graphic cards. Read more →
Quintessence of Minimalism FRONTIER H300 Now you can see the best case armed with Coolmax technologies and expertise. It is a 100% perfect Frontier Series H300 in every way such as design, expandability and quality. Read more →
Wide and clear 34" Curved UWQHD All-in-One Case No need to connect so many cables to PC. It’s become very simple. All you have to do to use your computer is connect power switch and press the “On” button. Now the PC environment will be very clean and neat with no more cables and better space utility. Read more →
12V Availability 100% ASTRO Series Very powerful but quiet. The Astro Series boasts a strong output and fast cooling ability. As a result, it increases your ability area. And also with its circuit design of 99% power factor, it is a highly advanced control system which effectively prevents power waste and heating. Read more →
Avoid banality Frontier M200 The design of Frontier M Series escapes from the obsolete square form to create the Coolmax own unique and differentiated design. The case of Frontier M Series with its organic shape boasts expandability and cooling system. Read more →
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